Collistar Nail Treatments


I am not a fan of nail polish at all as I the most imperfect nails out of anyone I know. I won’t go for manicures/pedicures either. That is one aspect of beauty that has eluded me. I doubt I would get any satisfaction out of having beautifully manicured nails and I have never had the urge to try a manicure.

Although I am not interested in nail polish, I don’t mind having some gloss on my nails once in a very blue moon. Colistar’s nail treatments provide just that with their Nail Filler Concealer and newer product, 3 in 1 Base. The Nail Filler Concealer is a corrector for nails with ridging, stains and imperfections. It has an exclusive formula based on vitamins A, E and F, calcium, algae and Panthenol.

According to the product info sheet, these are the benefits of using the Nail Filler Concealer:-

  • polishes and fills the surfaces of the nails making them evenly smooth.
  • conceals yellowing, stains and imperfections.
  • nourishes, protects and reinforces nails helping to gradually attenuate imperfections.

It can be used either on its own or as a base coat to make usual nail enamel easier to apply as well as longer lasting. I have been using it on its own since I don’t have any nail polish and I quite like the glossy sheen it gives my nails. Makes them look less awful and unhealthy. My nails are of different lengths and actually do need professional help but I still don’t have any inclination to step into a nail salon.

The Nail Filler Concealer is 10ml/RM48 and comes with an emery board. Product is a press sample.

Collistar 3 in 1 Base is a single product for 3 different actions:-

  1. Base Coat It makes application easy ensuting perfect results and also protecting your nails from coloured pigments.
  2. Strengthener It reinforces the structure of the nails making them stronger, less brittle and more resistant. Its formula is in fact enriched with methionine, a special substance that aids the formation of keratin.
  3. Fixer It accentuates the gloss of the enamel and makes it last longer.

When using as a base coat and strengthener, apply the product on to clean, dry nails. As a top coat, apply it over the varnish once it has fully dried, Used afterwards, it gives new radiance to the nail enamel.