Haven’t Had Much Luck Purchasing Clothing Online

My latest order on Zalora Malaysia
My latest order on Zalora Malaysia

Every now and then, I have a look at the clothes on Zalora Malaysia, I have been doing so since May2015 and since then, have ordered a total of 9 times. Out of these 9 times, I have had to return the items more often than I like as the clothes didn’t fit properly. I know it’s a risk of ordering a piece of clothing online as you can’t touch the fabric or try it on so that’s why I don’t order regularly or is 9 times in 3 years considered “regular”?

Anyway, my latest order was this black zip-up sleeveless jumpsuit which looked quite smart on the model. It certainly had potential so when it arrived yesterday, it was highly anticipated and I had great expectations, hoping I wouldn’t have to return it. I couldn’t even get the zipper up the front of the jumpsuit. Even for an XL, much too small! I wondered how it could be XL! Back in the parcel it went.

screenshot_20181120-091039I hesitate over ordering trousers as every time I’ve ordered trousers, they’re much too long until they sweep the floor. I don’t think they would fit most Asians as generally we aren’t that tall. Other than my very first order of 3 scarves (of course size is immaterial with scarves), I have only been able to accept a denim dress and a shirt collar jumpsuit, both of which were ordered last year. This year, no luck although I have ordered twice in 2018.