Hair System By Watsons Nutri-Heat Hair Mask Makes Hair Smoother


dsc_7862Finally got around to trying out Hair System By Watsons Nutri-Heat Hair Mask which I bought earlier this year when they had the “Buy 1 Free 1” offer. Normal price is RM14.90 per sachet so getting 2 for that price was really good. This one comes in the form of a heated cap containing the mask.

dsc_7858dsc_7857There’s a sticker attached to the cap but while adjusting the cap on my head, the sticker came off so I just used my hair band which worked just as well. As per the instructions, left it on for 20 minutes. I could feel the heat on my forehead.

After removing and washing off the mask, I could feel my hair was a lot smoother and it was easier to iron it straight after blow drying. The results were better than when I used my cream hair masks.