Going Fuzz-Free Is A Breeze At Honeypot Wax Boutique


For a first-timer, getting waxed “down under” (and I don’t mean in Australia) can be a little unsettling because of the pain factor. Every time I mention that I’ve gone for a Brazilian wax, not just once but twice before my Honeypot experience, I get more or less the same response from people who haven’t gone for a Brazilian before. “Doesn’t it hurt?” is the most common response. “Yes, it does a little,” I always say, “but it’s certainly worth it,” I add.

Being hairless “down there”, another euphemism, means cleaning is easier and it just looks better. I had no 2nd thoughts about accepting when I was invited to try out Honeypot’s Brazilian waxing at their 2nd Klang Valley wax boutique at 1 Utama. In fact, getting it done there was already on my list of things to do before I die.

Upon entering the Boutique, I could see the prevalence of pink everywhere. Perhaps it’s a calming colour? It certainly put me at ease. Along one wall is a display of after-care products made in Australia for Honeypot. These products range from treatments for ingrown hairs to feminine wash and mists to moisturisers.

Honeypot’s 1 Utama Boutique has the same decor as their 1st Klang Valley Boutique in Bangsar Shopping Centre (I have checked it out from outside), sparkling black chandeliers, Gothic inspired black mirrors, funky pink signature motif walls and pink towels in the private treatment rooms. Even the wax used for the Brazilian (also for underarms and full face waxing) is pink and it’s called Cherry Pie! Love the name.

My therapist was Shima who with her smiling demeanour and pleasant manner, made me feel very comfortable about baring my privates (once again!) to a complete stranger. Once she led me into the pink treatment room, she asked me to wipe the area with the cleansing wipes and get on to the bed which was high but there was a stool provided so that I could hop on to the bed with ease.

When she was back in the room, she asked me whether I had gone for a Brazilian before so I said this would be my 3rd time. The hairs had become somewhat finer and I’d trimmed them a bit a few days before my appointment so that it wouldn’t look like an overgrown and out-of-control bush.

The Cherry Pie Wax wasn’t overly hot during the entire process. The temperature was monitored well. Shima was extremely meticulous and there was hardly any pain although I must admit to flinching a little in the initial stages, call it a knee-jerk reaction, if you will.

I did have some stubborn hairs which made Shima’s job more difficult as she had to apply the wax on the same areas several times and when that didn’t work to her satisfaction, she had to resort to using tweezers. Her tweezing was actually very good in that I didn’t go “Ow! Ouch! Ooooh!” mentally or verbally.

The end result was completely fuzz-free, not a hair in place! My therapist was excellent, the ambience was great and most importantly, there was not one stubble of hair left. I should also add that my therapist didn’t stinge on the products. She was quite liberal with the soothing wipes after each waxing and she moisturised the area well before tweezing so that the hairs would be softer. After the entire process was over, she also applied a fair amount of moisturiser so the area didn’t feel sore.

No wonder Honeypot has won the Best Full Face-Off Waxing Award from Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine. It definitely warrants a return visit from me. At RM98 per session, I think that this is one waxing salon that totally delivers on every score.

Honeypot’s waxing services aren’t just for the ladies, men are welcome too but strictly by appointment. The staff will ensure that no female customers are present when any male customers are there to avoid any awkwardness. Personally, I think it is courageous for any guy to go through the “boyzilian” or is it “manzilian”.

For more information on their other waxing services, prices and packages, please visit their website.

They are located at:-

1) S119b, 2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (03-7729 5598); and

2) S123, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre (03-2092 5598).

Note : The Brazilian Wax was courtesy of Honeypot.