Ginvera World Spa Shower Scrub


dsc_3567Ever since I saw the Ginvera World Spa Shower Scrub range some time ago, I wanted to try one of them. They have a good variety of scents ranging from Lemongrass Frangipani, Alpine Rose Edelweiss, Glacier Water Sea Salts, White Tea Ginger to Green tea and Tea Tree. Each comes in a fairly big 750ml bottle, price ranges between RM12.50 to over RM18 depending on which drugstore or supermarket you go to. I managed to get my Lemongrass Frangipani version from Guardian at RM12.50 which is the lowest price I have seen so far.

dsc_3987The scrub granules are contained within the gel and it does smell quite good. The Lemongrass Frangipani smells more of lemongrass than floral. I’d say it’s economical as I don’t use more than six pumps for my shower. It’s thick and concentrated, mild lather with a refreshing scent.