Fabulous Feast At Kelantan Delights



When Kelantan Delights offered me a group meal for 4 pax, I invited 3 Juniper’s Journal readers – Yue Rain, Dalina & Lynnett to join me as they’ve been so supportive of the blog and these are people I really wanted to spend a few hours with.

Kelantan Delights has two outlets, namely at Wisma Consplant, Subang Jaya (their flagship outlet) and Sooka Sentral. Sooka Sentral was more convenient for all of us. Getting to Subang Jaya on a Friday evening could be quite time-consuming especially if it was a rainy evening so I settled on the Sooka Sentral outlet. Sooka Sentral is very quiet in the evenings, their busiest time is during lunch time and after that, I notice that you can hear a pin drop.

The restaurant has several group packages starting from RM249 for 4 to 6 guests. The complimentary package offered to me was worth RM299 for 4 to 6 people but since the offer letter stated it was for 4 pax, I invited 3 readers only. This is the RM299 menu:-

Nasi Putih for Everyone
Keropok Lekor
Tom Yam Kelapa
Kerabu Sotong
Ikan Siakap (Daun Kaduk, Masam Manis or Asam Lintang)
Sambal Udang Petai
Ayam Percik
Gulai Kawah
Pucuk Paku Belacan
Telur Dadar
Lompat Tikam
Bottomless Sirap Selasih

Isn’t that quite a lot for just 4 pax? I was already salivating when I read what the package consisted of and couldn’t wait till the date of the dinner. It was going to be a feast and I do love my local cuisine! There’d be a few items I’d never tried before so I was so looking forward to it.


Their Sooka Sentral outlet is located on the 1st Floor. There is hardly any foot traffic on that floor in the evenings. That’s a pity because this is a lovely restaurant with a private area (not partitioned) that can accommodate a few tables and that was where we were seated.

The service at this restaurant is superb with attentive waiters and a quiet ambience. It’s the ideal venue if you want to get away from the crowds. Actually, if you consider the quantity and quality of the food that was served, RM299 is truly value for money.

There were a few dishes that stood out and which all of us agreed were the best. I had my favourites and also dishes which I thought could have been better. Overall, it was a well put together menu and if I was treating guests to a dinner, this is a restaurant I would absolutely consider.


Two tom yam kelapa were served and they contained some seafood as well as coconut skin. This wasn’t too spicy and had the right amount of sourness. It was thick and so flavourful. This was one dish I wished there was more of but there was only enough for one bowl per person as the coconut was quite small. This was the “WOW” dish.


Telur dadar is a fluffy omelette which can have different fillings according to one’s preference. You can add onions, chillies, shredded coconut, etc. We had 2 plates of this divine omelette, more than enough. It looks like there is an oily sheen on the surface but it was very well done with hardly any oily aftertaste. I don’t know exactly what was in this omelette but there were definitely onions. It was delicious and I just wish I had a bigger stomach to finish all of it.


So we had a few choices of cooking styles when it came to the siakap. Sweet sour was too common so it’d have to be either daun kaduk or asam lintang. We asked the waiter to recommend and he said that the most popular was daun kaduk so there was a consensus that it’d be cooked with daun kaduk. Daun kaduk is a glossy leaf and the one used with our fish was one big leaf. The sauce was creamy and nothing like anything I have ever tasted. It was a little sweet and went so well with white rice. The flesh of the fish wasn’t so tender but the sauce more than made up for any shortcomings. It is an exquisite sauce and I wonder if it’d go with other meats or seafoods.


The prawns in the Sambal Udang Petai were quite small, the sauce wasn’t very spicy. I am not a big fan of petai so just consumed the prawns. This wasn’t one of my favourites.


I liked the Kerabu Sotong a lot as the sotong was not chewy. This was a yummy dish, slightly spicy, slightly sour.


My least favourite dish was the Gulai Kawah. The beef was a little tough and I didn’t think the sauce was particularly exceptional. It was not better than the Ayam Percik (I don’t have a photo of that one) as the Ayam Percik sauce was creamy and made the Ayam Percik one of the best I’ve had.


By the time the dessert arrived at our table, we were all so stuffed. There was glutinous rice and a piece of kuih in santan, rather rich but not too sweet. I understand that this is one of the most well known and popular desserts on the East Coast. I don’t think I have had this dessert before. It’s a nice dessert but a bit too heavy after a meal like ours.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time thanks to Kelantan Delights and my wonderful guests who took the time and trouble to share this dinner with me. Thank you so much to Kelantan Delights and Juniper’s Journal’s guests for making this dinner special and memorable.

For 8 to 10 guests, Kelantan Delights has menus of RM489 and RM589 respectively (prices subject to 10% charge). Contact their Sales Team for more details – sales@kelantandelights.com or call 012 602 7845.