Erabelle Prestige The Gardens Mall : A Salon Like No Other



When you visit Erabelle Prestige The Gardens Mall for the 1st time, you’d most likely be awed by the décor of their treatment rooms. Everything in this beautiful salon has thoughtful little touches from the mirrors at the eyebrow design counter designed to look like 5 petalled flowers to reflect that Erabelle is all about catering to our 5 senses to the cute little illustrated cards in the wardrobes which can be taken by the customer.

The treatment rooms are a sight to behold as you can choose the yellow themed room named “Canary” or the chic and sophisticated room inspired by none other than style icon and designer, Coco Chanel named “Noir”. Even the cushions on the beds in each room are of different designs, shapes, sizes and colours in accordance with the room themes.


Even if you have to stare at the four walls for a few minutes, who can get bored in rooms like these? You can also choose your own music! The selection is wide ranging from Kenny G type elevator music to more funky bossa nova. Erabelle Prestige has their customers’ comfort as their No. 1 priority.

There’s even a café at Erabelle Prestige The Gardens Mall




Erabelle Prestige takes extra efforts to put themselves in the shoes of their customers. Because some of the treatments take some time and customers may feel peckish after their treatments, Erabelle Prestige even prepares snacks and drinks for their customers at their Café de Beaute. I tried their chawan mushi and red date dessert, as good (if not better) than Japanese restaurant standard.


During my Japanese snack, I was introduced to the salon’s Genmai-Bijin Polisher Plus which uses Grade A unpolished rice to scrub rough skin and moisturize skin with natural enzymes. Then they use a collagen-imparting ampoule coupled with massage movements. This is a 90 minute treatment.

Erabelle Prestige is located at 4th Floor, The Gardens Mall (03-2282 8889).