Dazzling Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall


dscn00451The launch of Pink By Pure Beauty Pure Perfection was held at Dazzling Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall, which I believed commenced operation not too long ago. Every time I walk pass this cafe, I notice quite a number of occupied tables especially during lunch time but a lot of new cafes tend to attract customers who are seeking something new. The decor at Dazzling Cafe seems very cute, perfect place for selfies or wefies. Nowadays, customers are drawn towards an eatery because of the ambiance as much as the food.

One of the bloggers who was in attendance last night had already sampled Dazzling Cafe’s fare and gave her thumbs up to their dessert, Strawberry Lover Honey Toast which I could see from the photos she took of the dessert, looked rather tempting.dscn00481Our 1st dish was the Smoked Salmon Salad with apple, dried cranberries, feta cheese and orange dressing. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more feta cheese in this and I think the orange dressing could have been slightly stronger and more tangy.


Between the appetiser and main course, we waited for an hour by which time I was starting to develop a headache as it was way past my usual dinner time. Blogger next to me had chosen Roasted Chicken Leg which didn’t look that appetising to me. She took one bite and stopped eating, said it was too dry and bland. The sauce is chicken jus, I would have thought brown sauce would have gone much better with roast chicken and by the way, I also prefer my roast chicken to look more brown than what was presented. The julienned onions, capsicum and carrot didn’t really complement roast chicken.


I think the cafe may have issues catering to a large crowd because they couldn’t even get all the chicken dishes delivered to all those who had chosen chicken. Blogger in front of me had chosen chicken and it looked like she was the last one to be served the chicken. For those of us who had chosen fish (myself included), it was an even more excruciating wait. I felt like leaving but I was curious as to whether the fish would be better than the chicken.

At 7.50pm, the Miso Butter Fish was served with baby potato, couscous and cucumber. I was ravenous and took a big bite of the fish only to taste salt. Wait, it can’t all be that salty. Can it? Nooooooo…….but yes, just my luck. Every single bite of the fish was like sticking my tongue into the salt container. All I could taste was salt and more salt. As for the couscous, it was underneath the fish barely resembling couscous. I love couscous and this one was a disappointment as it also didn’t taste like couscous. The only thing edible on the plate was the potato. One of the other blogger who was reluctantly(?) tucking into her fish complained to one of the waitresses but of course no one offered to exchange our fish. If I had had to pay for this dish, I would definitely have sent it back to the kitchen and enquired whether I had been mistakenly served Salted Fish instead of Miso Fish.

I refilled my glass of water, drank it all in one gulp and exited stage left for roti canai in Bangsar.