Daily Foot Soak With Modescent Foot Soak Salt Helps Relieve Tired Muscles


modescentSince I had tendonitis on my right heel about two months ago, I have been looking at supplements to help alleviate the condition. At first I tried soaking my foot in a tub of warm water but then I read that epsom salt or sea salt might help so I bought 2 packets of Modescent Foot Soak Salt, available on Shopee.

This 150g packet of foot soak salt is from a local seller and priced at RM5.93. The ingredients include Sea Salt, Mugwort, Ginger & Rose Petal. Unlike the epsom salt foot soak I ordered from another local seller, this one smells of roses and I much prefer this over the epsom salt.


Information from the seller’s shop on Shopee:

  • Sea salt : Help to relax body, ease tense muscles and soften the skin. Sea salt also acts as a detoxifying agent.
  • Ginger powder : Hot Ginger foot bath promotes circulation, reduces inflammation and helps drive out bacteria and viruses.
  • Mugwort floss : Mugwort help to expel cold and dampness from the body. Mugwort foot bath has been proven to improve sleep quality.
  • Rose petal : Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral benefits.