Collagen By Watsons White Regeneration Peeling Gel



As an alternative to facial scrubs, take a look at Collagen By Watsons White Regeneration Peeling Gel which provides mild exfoliation without tautness to skin. To use, massage a dollop of the Peeling Gel on to skin for about a minute, avoiding the eye and lip area. Use this 1-2 times a week. Skin will be brighter and smoother with regular use.


What it contains:

Penta_lucent Syatem a round-the-clock system packed with 5 powerful active ingredients that helps boost the results in skin brightening and reduce the apprearance of pigmentation. Korean Liquid Crystal Technology facilitates deeper penetration and faster absorption. Chromocare helps whiten skin, reduce dullness and bring out a soft natural glow while enhancing light reflection for a translucent glow. Tri-Collagen (Marine Collagen, Green Collagen, Hydrolysed Collagen) activates skin regeneration, boosts elasticity, and enhances skin smoothness.

Collagen By Watsons White Regeneration Peeling Gel retails at RM39/100ml.

Product reviewed is a press sample