Clinelle Eye Bright


There are a lot of eye creams which claim to have multi-functions such as reducing the appearance of dark circles, eye puffiness and fine lines. Clinelle Eye Bright is one of those eye creams which contains butcher’s broom extract, an ingredient for improving blood circulation and reducing swelling.

It’s a lightweight eye cream which absorbs readily into skin but while it’s instantly soothing, I can’t say that it’s done anything for my fine lines. In any case, I think it’d take more than eye creams to reduce my fine lines/crow’s feet.

As for eye bags and dark circles, there’s not been much improvement either. I could do with a more hydrating eye cream than this. It may be more suitable for those whose eye areas aren’t as dry and in need of hydration as mine.

Clinelle Eye Bright retails at RM45.90/15ml.

Note : Product was provided by EIG Pharma Asia Sdn Bhd for review.