Clarins Shaping Facial Lift


For the longest time I have wanted to try Clarins Shaping Facial Lift products but I wasn’t willing to fork out a few hundred just for two products which may or may not work so it was timely and fortuitous that I should stumble upon what I was looking for at the Clarins Beauty Fair in early December but of course, the Shaping Facial Lift is the old formulation.

At first, I was only going to pick up the Shaping Facial Lift which is one of the most well known Clarins skincare products. However with a little persuasion, I got the Shaping Facial Lift Wrap as a complement to the Shaping Facial Lift. After all, if one is to try the Shaping Facial Lift which is supposed to contour, refine and enhance features, one might as well go the whole hog, in a manner of speaking.

I started on these two products on the day I brought them home which is now more than four weeks. Actually, I almost declined these products when they were brought to the cashier for two reasons : firstly, the manufacturing date on the Shaping Facial Lift was Mar 09 and we all know all skincare products have a shelf life of three years max even if we don’t open them & secondly, the Shaping Facial Lift Wrap came sans box so that could possibly mean the manufacturing date of that one was before Mar 09.

There were a few things I knew about the Shaping Facial Lift even before I purchased it:-

1. Be liberal with the amount which meant 5 pumps.

2. Try to use it twice a day for maximum effect.

3. Apply it following the Clarins “Manual Auto-Lifting®” Method.

I did all of the above and even went through the Clarins “Manual Auto-Lifting®” Method Manual that came with the box. The Manual has illustrations regarding the proper method to apply the Shaping Facial Lift. I did massage it according to the instructions although admittedly, not as long as recommended but then who has time and patience to spend minutes applying anything?

2-3 times a week, I applied the Shaping Facial Lift Wrap for 5-10 minutes. I am trying to decrease the puffiness under my chin and reduce the heavy jowl look. Age is catching up and I will try anything (within my budget) to minimise/slow the ravages of time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to show for my efforts. After using the products for the past month and then some, I can’t even fool myself into thinking that the oval of my face has been reshaped or that my jawline and chin have been lightened. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the product(s) are almost three years’ old or it could be me not using them as they should be used. Whatever the reason(s), they just didn’t meet my expectations.

The Shaping Facial Lift & Shaping Facial Lift Wrap were RM80 each (n/p RM208 and RM163 respectively).