Cien Vital Regenerative Night Cream


dsc_4720As soon as you feel Cien Vital Regenerative Night Cream on your skin, you know this one is for mature (age 40 and above) and very dry skin as it’s so thick! In fact, this is the thickest moisturiser I have ever come across and I’ve used a lot of different moisturisers. It’s definitely too thick for our hot and humid climate.


Cien Vital Regenerative Night Cream contains calcium, collagen, Q10 and argan oil which makes it extremely rich and nourishing. Can’t use too much as it will be difficult to absorb into skin. In any case since it is so thick, it’s rather economical as you need just a little bit.

The formula with collagen provides dry mature skin with intensive moisture and improves its elasticity. The extra rich formula with allantoin supports regeneration of the skin during the night. The combination of calcium and argan oil strengthens skin.