Chinese New Year Clothes Are Out At Aeon But Not Tempted So Far


dsc_9293One of the things I look forward to in December is the Chinese New Year attire available at Aeon. They bring the CNY clothes out by end of December, last December I bought a few blouses which ranged from RM39-49. The tops are more versatile than cheongsams as I would use the blouses more often and they can be paired with skirts or trousers.

As CNY 2021 is in February unlike CNY 2020, there is still quite a bit of time for retailers to bring out the CNY clothes. I do like looking at them because they generally come in bright/vivid/vibrant colours and have such a cheerful vibe. Aeon sells very reasonably priced CNY clothes and the selection is really wide.

dsc_9292dsc_9291dsc_9289dsc_9290dsc_9294However unlike the designs that were available last year, I am not at all tempted by what I have seen so far. I much prefer what was available in December 2019 but hopefully Aeon will be bringing out nicer and more appealing CNY clothes in January 2021. Actually I notice they are also selling clothes that were available for CNY 2020.