Necklaces Fit For An Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Theme Party


dsc_9313The moment I saw these necklaces on Shopee, I knew I had to have them as they look so quirky and unusual. The pendants come with long chains and are in the shape of teacups and teapots (blue and green). Price is between RM4.41 to RM5.79, really worth the price as I don’t think I can find these in any store in Malaysia.

dsc_9305dsc_9310dsc_9290These three necklaces are so cute – the stacked teacups look like they belong in a doll house, the blue teapot lid can open and the green teapot looks Oriental. Now I wish I had an invitation to an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter party, these accessories would certainly fit the theme. I bought them from 2 different sellers as the teacups and blue teapot are cheaper from one seller while the price of the green teapot is the same from both sellers. Both sellers shipped out the necklaces fast, I ordered them on 22/12 and received them today 29/12.