Chica Goes For Surgery : Check Out That Paw Print Bandage



More or less at the same time as Juliet’s health scare, Chica also needed urgent medical attention as she had a growth in her stomach area which was getting bigger! As soon as Dr Bun of Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic saw the growth, he said “surgery”. At first, the surgery was scheduled for 19th September which sounded like a gazillion years away. Hey, when you see a growth that big on your pet, even one day sounds like an eternity.

After the blood test results were out (Dr Bun charges a reasonable RM90 for pre-surgery blood test whereas normally it is RM160), the clinic called to inform me that they could schedule Chica for surgery on 29th August 2016. What a relief! I wasn’t going to delay this, not when my furry friend needed this procedure urgently.

The procedure went well but Chica misbehaved after the surgery and somehow got her e-collar off. When I went to the cages to collect her, she was bloody all over which shocked the vet (not Dr Bun) who had operated on her. She had to be cleaned up and thoroughly bandaged.


How cool is Chica’s paw print bandage? It’s so cool that I want to take Chica out and that’ll probably get people looking at her.