Cassandra Havelock Handcrafted Soaps


dsc_1797Cassandra Havelock Handcrafted Soaps are some of the best soaps made in Malaysia as they are so lovely to look at and use. The Cassandra Havelock brand started way back in 2007 and Cassandra’s soaps are now available overseas. Most of Cassandra’s soaps are made of goat’s milk but they also contain exotic ingredients such as neem, moringa, may chang, camel milk and sea bird’s nest (a seaweed grown naturally in the pristine waters off Sabah).

This is a handcrafted soap manufacturer that prides itself in using natural ingredients. Her soaps are long-lasting and do not crumble even when almost used up. Cassandra uses a lot of plants and herbs in her soaps so they smell divine. Cassandra loves all the goats on her goat farm so some of her soaps feature goats on them.