Meeting The Fascinating Cassandra Havelock & Her Fabulous Handmade Goat Milk Soaps


cassieOver the past 5+ years, I have met a lot of people and many are interesting because of the passion they have for their business. Some make a lasting impression on me long after I have met them. A few weeks ago, I met the very fascinating Cassandra Havelock from Kuching, Sarawak who makes the most unique handcrafted goat milk soaps. Cassandra has been making these soaps for about 10 years and is in the process of extending her business to West Malaysia.

You know that song “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”? I think of Cassandra when I think of that song, not that Cassandra is old but she does have a farm where she rears 500 goats, a lot of fowl and some dogs, one of whom is more beast like Cujo than dog as he has bitten or should I say mauled Cassandra on more than one occasion leaving very visible scars on her arms. We had a more than 2 hour conversation as we share a love for dogs but I have to say Cassandra takes her love for dogs to a way higher level than me because despite having to ensure hours of surgery on her terrible wounds, she has spared her dog. Even I would think twice about keeping such a vicious dog alive so I admire Cassandra’s unlimited and boundless compassion.


Of course Cassandra is compassionate, after all she thinks of her hundreds of goats as pets. She doesn’t have the heart to rear any of the animals on her farm for meat. That’s why she has so much goat milk to use for her soaps, most of which are formulated with such unique ingredients such as plants indigenous to Borneo.

Cassandra went to Australia to master the secrets of formulating and producing soaps from 3rd generation Italian soap artisans. Soaps that I have never seen before such as Dabai and Sarawak Pepper & Sago are produced by Cassandra.

Dabai is a fruit packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it superb for skin. It penetrates deep into the skin, providing needed moisture which helps restore skin smoothness. Dabai is known as Borneo’s Black Olive, used topically for centuries to treat ailments and diseases as well as skin problems such as acne, eczema and dry cracking skin. This soap can also be used on pets.

Sarawak Pepper & Sago soap contains pepper essential oil (I didn’t even know there’s such a thing as pepper essential oil!) which is renowned for its stimulating and warming effect on the body. It’s good for people with arthritis, gout and rheumatism.



Many of Cassandra’s soaps have a goat design and they all smell so incredible. Cassandra uses the best quality ingredients such as high quality essential oils. Cassandra never compromises on the quality of the ingredients in her soaps. Her soaps do not contain any preservatives or synthetics. Goat’s milk has many benefits for skin as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein, and lipids which help nourish your skin and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.


I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Cassandra and her soaps. She strikes me as a very kind-hearted person especially to animals. Any person who has gone through what she has endured with her dog from hell and still spared his life is worthy of my respect.