BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken Fine Taste


dsc_5374I never knew that there was BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken Fine Taste until I visited their Experience Centre in Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam last month. This is formulated for those who do not like the taste of BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken which I love (the original taste is so palatable that I can’t think of anyone who can possibly dislike it).

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken Fine Taste is an extract of chicken in an easily digestible form containing protein, readily absorbed amino acids and peptides. It is also rich in Vitamin B1 and B2 to give you energy, and Vitamin B12 to help your body produce red blood cells. It has a finer and smoother taste than BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken (original taste).