Bobbi Brown New Lip Color Shades



I’ve always liked the range of lip colors Bobbi Brown offers, a lot of natural shades and also lots of rose shades which I gravitate towards like a moth to a flame. Although some may look like very intense shades, they don’t appear to be as strong on lips so every shade is extremely wearable. Furthermore, the Lip Colors are designed with comfort in mind as my lips have never felt dry with Bobbi’s Lip Colors.

Bobbi’s original Lip Colors consisted of just 10 brown-based lipsticks that could be worn alone or mixed and blended. Now, Bobbi introduces 24 new Lip Color shades which are the brand’s widest, most diverse color range yet. There are both new and back-by-popular-demand shades. From neutrals to brights and bolds, there is definitely a shade here for every woman to suit her mood, an event or season.


The new Lip Colors feature the same beloved qualities that made Lip Color an instant best-seller when it launched 23 years ago. Why change such a good thing, right? The formula is creamy, non-drying and non-greasy. It is very moisturizing thanks to Vitamins E and C and Beeswax.

sandwash peach P1270821(1)

I don’t think I have any peach lipsticks. Most of the ones I have are in reds, pinks and fuchsias. This one was a surprise because it looked much nicer on my lips than what I saw when I opened the lipstick cover. We all need a peach lipstick like Sandwash Peach, it’s nice to have a change once in a while from my usual lip colors.

hot berry


Aha! Another surprise here because the color looked rather intense and I was thinking Hot Berry is so not for me but when I wore it, it was more sheer than I expected and I built up the color to this intensity. This isn’t jus for darker skin tones, fair skin tones can also pull off Hot Berry with gusto!

Oh by the way, some of you may have watched Bobbi Brown being interviewed on CNN recently. She said that she never takes ‘no’ for an answer. I think that’s a good mantra to live by because we should never give up on what we believe in and it’s probably because Bobbi is such a strong woman that she has become the success she is now. At the time she started her make-up brand, before it was brought into Estee Lauder Companies, Bobbi was out-selling Estee Lauder and this impressed Leonard Lauder so much that he too an interest in Bobbi Brown, the brand.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color retails at RM88.

Bobbi Brown Sandwash Peach & Hot Berry Lip Colors reviewed have been provided by Bobbi Brown Malaysia.