Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum



Aging is a natural and gradual process but it can be accelerated by factors such as UV exposure. Through an exclusive study, Biotherm’s Research Laboratories have quantified the ratio of aging signs that are acquired (especially UV – the main cause of accelerated aging) versus chronological to obtain a remarkable result : 80% of signs of aging are due to external factors and can be avoided. Only 20% of aging signs are inevitable.

Comprised 70% of saline water, the skin displays greater symbiosis with aquatic organisms than with land plants. Biotherm’s biologists have worked to screen and select 3 actives from diverse precious aquatic life forms (thermal sources, lakes and oceans), with a naturally powerful skin affinity to help repair signs of aging.

Blue Therapy technology concentrates the regenerating properties of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) extract, derived from a distinct blue-green micro-algae sourced in one of the purest lake environments on earth, Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. Fused with skin-firming, restructuring Laminaria ochroleuca extract, obtained from a golden macro-algae which resists the wave pressure of the Celtic sea.

Biotherm’s Laboratories proved the association of these algae extracts multiply the other’s action on five key markers of aging. Their proprietary unique ingredient, Pure Thermal Plankton extract, originally from the mineral rich thermal springs of the French Pyrenees, reinforces the complex bringing skin strengthening and soothing properties.

The Blue Therapy range is an aging repair care with triple action on firmness, darkness and wrinkles. There are 3 products in the Blue Therapy range – Serum RM290/50ml, Cosmetic Water RM160/125ml, Milky Lotion RM210/75ml.


The Serum comes in a pump bottle rather similar to Lancome’s Advanced Genefique but unlike the latter, Blue Therapy Serum doesn’t have an automated pump. I have to press the bottle cap to fill up the glass pipette but that’s okay. One press is already enough for one application.

I like the fact that the Blue Therapy Serum offers multi-benefits rather than just hydration or just brightening. For Blue Therapy, Biotherm developed a unique skin-testing protocol to obtain a full facial map of the skin’s aging indicators from its biomechanical properties to darkness and wrinkles.


Once applied, skin feels silky smooth and hydrated. It offers skin radiance and clarity. My skin looks more even-toned without having to resort to any whitening serums. Over time, my skin felt firmer and more resilient. The Serum is highly-concentrated in algae and plankton extracts. It is imbued with luxurious reflective mother-of-pearl hues so there’s a white gold sheen which leaves the skin looking radiant.

It has an aqueous texture which melts into the skin, leaving a hydrating film on its surface. The formula has an oil-in-water dispersion system with a unique gel texture formed from the association of a 3-dimensional-forming polymer and a polymer of botanical origins. The formula’s hydrating properties are reinforced by a complex of hydrophilic, film-forming polymers and vegetable glycerin.

I love the Serum’s scent and it is quite complex as it’s made up of top, middle and base notes. Fresh top ozone notes recall the aquatic habitats of its active molecules. At its heart, metallic notes fuse into lotus-like accords while sophisticated floral notes with hints of musk form the base. It smells refreshing which makes it an added pleasure to use the Serum.

The bottle has different depths of blues, a visual nod to the formula’s aquatic origins, with a silver metallic cap to evoke high technology. The science behind Biotherm’s Blue Therapy is very, very impressive. I have come to see Biotherm as a brand which is at the forefront of anti-aging technology. The Blue Therapy Serum is a product which I would continue using as I have seen the benefits it brings to my skin.

Product has been provided by Biotherm Malaysia for review.