Bernard Chandran Spring/Summer 2012 Collection


One of the must-see shows of Malaysia International Fashion Week 2011 (MIFW) has got to be Bernard Chandran’s Spring Summer 2012 Collection. It was so crowded in The Great Hall at Zebra Square that guests were sitting on the stairs in their finery but they didn’t mind one bit as this was a show worth waiting for.

This is already Day 3 of MIFW and Zebra Square still looks like a makeshift venue. So much for formal or “Red Carpet” attire, I really feel like going for the next few shows in t-shirt, jeans and sneakers as the walk from the car to The Great Room is precarious especially on heels. To compound the misery, the washroom floors are wet, wet, wet (yuck and double YUCK!) and there are no hooks to hang bags so I try not to go to the public utilities unless absolutely necessary. Bottled water is only available after 7pm and again, only alcoholic beverages are served after the show.

I had 2 Coney Dogs from the 1901 Hot Dog Kiosk last night at RM7 each since my visit to the next-door cafe, Caffeinees was aborted. I’d gone in on my own at 6.30pm and although the staff outside saw me going in and ushered me in, I sat at my table for 10 minutes without getting served. Then, 2 ladies walked in an were given menus immediately. I gestured to the waiter but he didn’t bother bringing me a menu. Enough was enough – I wasn’t about to pay service charges or RM20 for a hamburger for such non-existent service so it was back to Zebra Square over pebbles and a few narrow planks of wood over muddy pools of water. Thank goodness for 1901 Hot Dogs or else I really might have had hallucinations of zebras when hunger pangs got the better of me!

Anyway, back to fashion! I’ve been following Bernard Chandran’s career and looking at his collections since he set up show at KL Plaza in 1993. He has always designed exquisite clothes which have been worn by socialites and celebrities, not only in Malaysia but also abroad.

Bernard’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is inspired by 1950s fashion, in particular the glamour that once inspired his mother. He has paid tribute to his mother and admires her creativity, passion to create and effort to look good.

This is an excerpt from the press release:-

“The cut is sheer sculptural simplicity. His appreciation for proportion and geometry is evident in this collection. The structure of the designs however is cleverly softened by the lightness of the curves that added a touch of edgy sophistication to the collection.

The curves though evoke the fifties; remarkably the designs are brought into modern era, a signature clearly reflects the innate ability of the designer. Look out for the new innovations including the cocoon pleated peg top skirt, the shirt dress, body suit and new refinements in the cut work evident especially in the jackets.

With an approach that defies convention, check out his treatment of fabrics like the new thread embroidery hand painted designs. Amongst the fabrics used are jersey, netting with cotton and silk satin.

Amidst all, the designs may be structured but one is immediately surprised by the lightness and fluidity of the clothes.

The palette, definitely complementary shades to spring and summer, is colourful. It comes with grey, silver, gold, green, turquoise blue, champagne and apple green.

Overall the designs redefined the art of wearing the fifties into the contemporary.”































The show started 45 minutes late and ended in 25 minutes but I think that when we all saw the clothes, we forgot about the waiting time. The music was fantastic as well, it was very retro-upbeat, if there is even such a term.

Bernard Chandran deserves more than a round of applause for this Collection. Thumbs up to one of Malaysia’s most talented designers but can’t say the same about the venue, pity!

Outside The Great Room, I couldn’t resist going up to Kee Hua Chee, always fashion-forward, flamboyant and never boring!

So colourful and dazzling! Love your ring, Kee Hua Chee!