Beginner’s Luck At Escape Room KL



Finally, it was time to play at Escape Room KL and I was so looking forward to the 2 games there, courtesy of the kind management of Escape Room KL. Naturally, we chose the 2 easiest games “Wonderland – A Magical Adventure” and  “Gallery – The Insidious Art Thief.” From the names alone, you can surmise that “Wonderland” has an Alice in Wonderland theme while “Gallery” has an art gallery theme.

Since we are Escape Room amateurs/beginners, we cannot be too ambitious. After all, we’d have only 45 minutes to escape from each room and from our previous experience playing at other similar places, we needed at least 50 minutes or more to succeed. 45 minutes just sounded a bit short but of course we were raring to go. Escape Room is one of the most famous and popular escape game companies in town and well known worldwide.




One thing I’ve noticed about Escape Room KL is that there’s always a crowd there from the time they open for business at 11am. There are groups of youths either about to go into one of the rooms or streaming out of the rooms. They are of all races and every one of them looks excited and happy.

So our 1st game was  “Wonderland” and what a beautifully decorated room it was. If I was a kid, I would be delighted with the decorations as it was as if we’d jumped into the rabbit hole and entered Wonderland what with the colourful walls and huge chess board. We had 45 minutes to navigate this alien world and figure out a way to escape or be caught in Wonderland forever and we had only 2 hints so we had to call the Games Master only when we were really and truly stuck which didn’t take long at all.

One thing I have learned from all the previous escape game experiences is that every participant has to be observant and search every nook and cranny of the room. There are clues everywhere, even in places you least expect to find them and if you work cohesively, you can find your way out within the time limit and so with us in this room, call it fluke or whatever, somehow or other, the exit door swung open with none of us noticing it for a few seconds. Suddenly one of us shouted “The door’s open” and we all rushed out in a record 31 minutes and 5 seconds placing us in a surprising 4th place overall and earning us our victory photo among the TOP 5 fastest teams to finish. None of us could believe it. I had to slap myself a few times because we’ve never ever managed to escape from any room any where in that time.

I love that “Wonderland” theme even if we were so befuddled before asking for hints. Being in that theme was kind of magical and I almost expected The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat and The Caterpillar to appear before us and lead us to The Queen Of Hearts.


Intermission and we took our 1st team photo there. We had to wait for another team to finish at “Gallery” before our turn and we were still reveling in the fact that we’d escaped from “Wonderland” in a time none of us could have anticipated. I put it down to smart team members rather than sheer luck!

Next, it was time for “Gallery’ and the clues here were in a way, more straightforward than in “Wonderland”. The ambiance was darker as we were stuck in an art gallery. The theme is we are Master Art-Thieves and we have assembled a crew of criminal specialists with years of experience to aid in breaking into this gallery, and our aim is for their most prized possession; the priceless painting being exhibited there for a one-day event. Security in the gallery has been set to its maximum level for this particular event, and we have chosen the very same day to execute our plans. Our team only has 45 minutes to infiltrate the gallery, bypass the high-tech security system, steal the priceless painting, and escape before we are caught within the act.




We worked our way through this art gallery and almost made it but were stumped by the final clue, we just couldn’t figure it out and we’d run out of hints so we could not summon the Games Master again. Too bad, our time ran out and we were caught! Oh well, we cannot win all the time but at least we tried our best. Looks like we are not cut out at all to be master art thieves and we’d better stick to our day jobs.

All in all, we had a blast at Escape Room KL and they have so many themes to choose from that I just want to return and try them one by one. I’m never defeated by running out of time because it’s all for fun and I love the experience. Escape Room KL offers such interesting themes and the rooms are great as one can really get immersed into the story thanks to how they set up each room according to the theme.

Having played these 2 Escape Room KL games, I can now appreciate and understand why Escape Room is so popular. I do find the puzzles challenging but having said that, it is a lot of fun and everyone should try Escape Room regardless of their age. Why go to the movies when an Escape Room game is so much more memorable and you and your team mates can seriously have some bonding time. I love Escape Room and wish I can complete all their games as they all look so interesting!

Escape Room KL is located at Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall, 07-96, 7th Floor, Entertainment Podium, No. 1, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur 55100 Malaysia. For more information, please visit

General Inquiry: +603 2141 0653, +603 2110 4796, Corporate Booking: +6016-217 8393