Aurane Moisturizing Hair Mist


dsc_4365I happened to pass by a Hair Depot outlet and went in for a browse. Found Aurane Moisturizing Hair Mist which I thought could help hydrate my totally dry hair especially after the last colour. The Hair Depot lady didn’t mention that this is actually for permed hair, only found out when I googled later.

To be specific, it’s for curled hair to increase hair 3D space  (no idea what exactly that means!) and hair resilience, to keep curl style sexy (seriously?) and charming for a whole day, it contains gingko extract which can replenish nutrition to damage hair after perm.

So I sprayed quite liberally on my hair and while it initially softened my hair, the effect didn’t last long. Once my hair dried after spraying, it was rough again. Since getting this over a week ago, I have used up about ¹⁄³ of the bottle already. May work on others but not on my hair unfortunately.

Aurane Moisturizing Hair Mist retails at RM28.30/200ml.