Astalift Hydrating & Relaxing Facial




Time for a proper facial and I mean one that involves extraction. I know that a lot of facials nowadays skip the extraction process because it is deemed harmful to skin, like enlarging pores and causing skin irritation if it isn’t done correctly.

Nevertheless, I have always felt that a facial is a real facial if my blackheads are extracted and then my skin is really cleansed of impurities. Otherwise why go for a facial if I come out with the blackheads still clinging on to my nose?

Astalift Hydrating & Relaxing Facial is worth RM280 and as I had a complimentary voucher, I booked an appointment at their salon in Bangsar Shopping Centre. They only have 1 facial room so it’s best to book early if you want a particular slot and cannot compromise on time.

No assessment of my skin or completing a form prior to the facial. Straight into the facial room I went. It’s spacious and there is a cupboard to store my clothes and bag. I can hear voices from outside though which isn’t surprising given that the facial room isn’t deep inside the salon, there is no space for that.

The facial begins with double cleansing and then the steamer is on my face for a few minutes. The beautician did ask me whether I wanted extraction. Of course I do as I haven’t had blackheads extracted in months. Thankfully it didn’t take too long, apparently I don’t have as many blackheads as I thought. However, it was sometimes a bit painful because of stubborn blackheads.


After the extraction process, the beautician applied essence on to my face and used a roller ball device to massage the essence on to my face, this was using the ultrasound machine. It helps the essence to penetrate deeper into skin.

Next, it was time to relax as the beautician massaged my face with the luxurious Astalift Cream. It felt so good. My face felt delightfully warm as she expertly massaged my face. It was so good that I didn’t want it to stop.

The final part of the facial was the lotion mask applied for 15 minutes. Normally for their Hydrating & Relaxing Facial, a treatment mask would be applied like the one in the images below.


Currently, Astalift is giving away a complimentary skincare travel kit for customers who sign up for their Hydrating & Relaxing Facial package.


For the 3x Hydrating & Relaxing Facial, the price is RM383.72 while for the 4x facial, it’s RM455.80.