Clarins Total V Shaper Face Treatment


Clarins Total V Shaper Face Treatment is a high-performance contouring treatment which refines, lifts and firms, to redefine facial contours. This is an innovative 75-minute treatment that combines the expertise of Beauty Therapists trained in the 100% manual Clarins method with the powerful actions of Clarins products.

If you love facial massages, then this treatment is definitely for you because of the “Shaping Sculpt Massage” for 25 minutes, showcasing the new V-Facial Intensive Wrap with the ClarinsPRO Refreshing Lift Mask. During this treatment, the Beauty Therapist will also apply the new Enhancing Eye Lift Serum and ClarinsPRO Shaping Facial Lift.


The last time I had a Clarins facial was more than a year ago. I don’t seem to have any time to book regular facial appointments nowadays. I barely have enough time to go and get my hair treatments/colour retouches. However, I made time to go for the Clarins Total V Shaper Face Treatment as it’s a new treatment I really wanted to try.

Before being ushered into the treatment room, there was a consultation with the Beauty Therapist. Inside the treatment room, she also did an analysis of my skin condition by touching my face. I lack firmness and resilience, that I already am aware of. Not surprising at my age.

beforeDuring this facial, the Beauty Therapist applies professional grade skincare such as the Exfolating Face Lotion with fruit acids, Soothing Facial Supplement, Age Remodeling Supplement, Neck & Decollete Mask.

The main reason to have this facial is the pampering one gets from the lengthy facial as well as shoulder massage. It feels wonderful to have someone administer the massage. When the exfoliator was applied, there was some tingling but it wasn’t uncomfortable.



This facial is good for reducing puffiness and water retention. Although the mask applied during this facial may feel and look similar to the V-Facial Intensive Wrap, what is applied is for professional use only and therefore, the results would be even better than the mask sold at Clarins counters.

Most of the other Clarins facials are an hour long. I do think there’s a difference when a facial is over an hour long, I feel that an hour is a bit too short for a good facial but 75 minutes is just ideal. This treatment is fantastic because one really receives all the benefits of the contouring/shaping products.

Clarins Total V Shaper Face Treatment is RM365.