A Spa With A View : JoJoBa Berjaya Times Square


JoJoBa Spa is one of the most well known and popular spas among tourists in Malaysia because they collaborate with Tourism Malaysia in various tourism projects locally as well as overseas. With more than 100 staff, they are Malaysia’s largest tourism spa  in Kuala Lumpur. This is a wellness Malaysian concept spa with a “Modern Tropical” environment.

Since my 1st visit there during the Ascience launch last year, I made a mental note to pay another visit some day. That day came when I received an invitation to try a treatment at the JoJoBa Spa on the 15th Floor of Berjaya Times Square. My treatment would be the 75 minute JoJoBa Lovely Chocolate Spa Treatment which consists of the following:-

  • Cocoa Bean Body Scrub
  • Lavender Body Shower
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Aromatherapy Eye Pillow Treatment
  • Ginger Tea

My appointment was on a Sunday morning and when I arrived at the Spa, there were already a number of people waiting for their treatments. The Spa can accommodate up to 20 people at a time as they have 10 double treatment rooms but of course, you get a room to yourself if you go there alone.

There are traditional Malay features and designs all over, from the furnishings to the furniture. The staff are all well trained and polite. They have a lot of customers from Asian countries, in particular Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Korea.

If you are a 1st time visitor, you’ll have a tough time deciding which spa treatment to take as there are so many choices. There are also facial and slimming services. I was glad the decision (on which treatment) had been made for me.

Before being ushered into the treatment room, customers can deposit their belongings in lockers outside the rooms. Each treatment room is named after a different state in Malaysia. I was fortunate to get the Kuala Lumpur room, one of two rooms with a view of Jalan Imbi from the washroom.

My treatment room was very spacious since it could accommodate 2 single beds and a bathroom big enough to contain a sink, jacuzzi and shower unit. Imagine soaking in the jacuzzi and looking out at the road below. Well, I can only imagine since my treatment didn’t include the jacuzzi.

My therapist was Jun who has 8 years experience. I was ushered into the en suite bathroom to change into the disposable panties and put on the shower cap. The first part of the treatment was the cocoa body scrub. Cocoa is used as a skin emollient, to nourish and protect skin against moisture loss.  Apart from revitalizing, rejuvenating and regenerating skin, the cocoa bean is said to stimulate natural drainage, tones the body and combats cellulite and stretch marks.

The cocoa scent wasn’t that strong, I caught a whiff of it as Jun applied it all over my body, It is very smooth without particles. It’s more of a paste than a rough scrub. It’s ideal for sensitive skins since it is so non-abrasive. Personally, I’d have preferred something with granules since I believe those are more effective at removing dead skin cells and providing a smoother skin surface.

Next, it was off to the shower to wash everything off. That didn’t take long since there were no particles stuck anywhere. In a way, it is good to have a smooth scrub since it is much easier and faster to wash off. Shampoo and shower gel are provided in the shower cubicle.

The second part of the treatment was the body massage. Jun asked if I’d like the energy booster oil and since I was much in need of an energy boost, I agreed unhesitatingly. The oil contains a mixture of herbs, it doesn’t have a strong scent and was quite pleasant for my hour long massage.

Jun applied the right amount of pressure for the massage, I enjoyed it a lot and almost dozed off. Actually, I could have done with an hour and a half long massage with an hour of attention on my back and shoulders which were tense and tired from too much walking about a few days before.

Overall, I like the ambience of JoJoBa Spa as there is a quality about the place which is absent a lot of other spas. I think you’d have to be a very fussy customer to find fault with JoJoBa Spa as they provide great service and although the price of the treatments is higher than at some other spas, I believe that the quality of JoJoBa Spa justifies the price. Every month, the Spa has offers on certain treatments and they also offer membership with exclusive promotions.

For more information, visit their website at www.jojoba.com.my. Other than JoJoBa Spa at Berjaya Times Square (03-2141 7766), there are 2 other spas under the JoJoBa Group Of Companies, these are JoJoBali Spa at Palace Of The Golden Horses and Royale Spa at The Royale Bintang Damansara, The Curve.