MySkin Cosmeceutical Facial At Scott Garden


When Tesco first opened at Scott Garden, I went up to the 2nd & 3rd Floors to nose around and it was virtually unoccupied then. Now there are a lot more occupied shoplots but the 3rd Floor where MySkin Cosmeceutical is located, is still quite unoccupied.

Making my appointment was not that easy as I tried calling them several times only to not have my calls answered or when it was answered, the receptionist could not hear me so I had no choice but to march up there and make the appointment. The receptionist said that the line was faulty and they were in the midst of changing over to a new line.

48 hours before my appointment, I had to postpone the appointment so I called their number and no one answered so I had to make my way there again. This time, the receptionist wans’t there but the therapist was and she suggested I come back after my lunch as they could accommodate me then so I thought I might as well as I didn’t want to have to go back there again another day.

They’ve just opened 2-3 months ago, the place looks rather spartan and not really like a facial salon other than the display of skincare products at the reception area. They use Bio Promed products which the therapist claims are concocted in consultation with dermatologists. I presume they are made in Malaysia.

My hydrating facial started with double cleansing – cleansing milk followed by cleansing foam. The scent of these products was pleasant but even nicer was the scrub which has no granules. That was so cool and minty like toothpaste! After the therapist massaged it on, it was left on my skin for a bit.

Next was the toner which was thicker than the average toner. Then the extraction machine was switched on and left over my face for about 10 minutes. I could tell from the way in which my blackheads were extracted that the therapist had plenty of experience, it was very professionally done and I was satisfied with the extraction as it didn’t cause undue pain.

After the extraction process, another layer of toner was applied and then serum. She massaged my face and eye area, then my back and shoulders with lavender aroma oil. The mask was very cool and that was left on for about 15-20 minutes.

It was an average facial with no noticeable brightening or hydrating results. I was asked to purchase their moisturiser and/or pure sodium hyaluronic acid serum which is 15ml/RM220 and book another facial, more expensive at RM580/RM680. They were called the stem dna ultra white facial and peptide anti-aging lifting facial. There are even more expensive facials at over RM1000 and the therapist said later on, they will offer aesthetic services from qualified professionals.

Overall, I think it’s a convenient place for a basic facial (for those living/working around this area) and they do seem to be very popular as I noticed their appointment book was pretty full and there were people calling in to make appointments while I was waiting in the reception area.



  1. Hi There, I would really like to know the number so that I could give them a call to make appointment. I bought a deal and yet to use it and will expire by end of this week. Do you have their contact number on name card for me please?
    Appreciate your assistance.


  2. Hai Juniper & Cally,

    Thank you for visiting our outlet. We are upgrading into a skin clinic soon, so you are always welcome to do another facial.Our facials are now at 50% off for 1st trial only & 80% off any machine facial treatments like Black Wawa & Q-Switch laser therapy at merely RM168.

    We are having an IPL promotion now for permanent hair removal at only= RM250 ( 6x sessions of underarms + 2x sessions of any other desired parts ) 🙂

    So, book yr appointment at = 03-7451 2858 @ simply buy & print out your Groupon vouchers & redeem. Simple.


  3. There was an error on my last updates.hehe.. we actually have a new number= 03-79821125 😉 and our IPL promotion is actually = RM2,140 ( 6x underarms + 2x other small parts ) :0 Don’t shave all hairs ya..leave them a bit long but, not too long or else.. me..pengsannnnnnnnnn..ooohhh..haha