A PUREFECT Raya With Biotherm



There’s a common perception that shine, enlarged pores and impurities are the exclusive bane of teenagers but the truth is these skin problems can affect us at any age. Even those of us with dry skin suffer from shines and breakouts from time to time.

It’s the holy month of Ramadan and a sudden change in dietary habits combined with the long period of daily fasting can have a detrimental effect on the skin. Symptoms of dehydration associated with fasting include breakouts, dry patches and dull-looking skin. Meticulous cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing are essential to remove dead skin caused by the lack of water intake, restore skin’s natural mineral levels, and balance the skin’s oil production and natural vitamin E.

Recent environmental conditions such as humidity, heat and air pollution (recent haze issue) can upset the balance of skin Biotherm’s PUREFECT Skin range targets oil, shine and imperfection. This range is suitable for normal to combination skin. It contains purifying active ingredients to combat 3 layers of impurities, namely:-

1) Pollution layer

Polluting free radicals in the air oxidise skin, reducing its renewal ability and disrupting its cellular respiration mechanisms, leading to shine and irritation.

2) Sebum layer

Research shows that stress may trigger the over-production of sebum by the sebaceous glands, especially on the T-zone, leading to clogged pores, inflammation and imperfections.

3) Sweat layer

Imperfections may be exacebated by humidity and sweating, especially under warm weather conditions. Sweat can also trigger bacteria proliferation on the skin to some extent.

In a country as humid as ours, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the majority of us experience shine even if we aren’t outdoors all day. Biotherm’s PUREFECT SKIN range has 3 purifying steps:-



Removes pollution layer leaving a refreshing sensation without drying skin.


Removes sebum layer by instantly dissipating oily sheen.


Removes sweat layer by absorbing sweat and tightening pores for instant anti-sheen perfection while hydrating skin.

You might like to read more about the range’s purifying active ingredients here. Let’s have a look at the PUREFECT SKIN demo which demonstrates the efficacy of the PUREFECT SKIN Hydrating Gel.





Now let’s compare the 2 blotting papers:-

no hydrating


In conjunction with Ramadan month during which patience and tolerance are important values and virtues regardless of our race or religion, the wonderful people at Biotherm Malaysia have sponsored this Giveaway. There are 3 full-size sets of PUREFECT ANTI-SHINE PURIFYING CLEANSING GEL, PURIFYING TONER & SKIN HYDRATING GEL, each set worth a total of RM280.

If you would like to participate, please read this post in detail before you complete this sentence:-

“My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because………”.

The terms and conditions of this giveaway are:-

1. Giveaway ends Wednesday 17th July 2013.

2. Prizes will only be sent to those with Malaysian addresses.

3. Any winner or winners who fail to respond to the request for their addresses within 48 hours will be disqualified and forfeit their right to the prize and an alternate winner or winners will be selected.

And that’s not all. Everyone gets a chance to redeem PUREFECT Skin 1-2-3 Sample Kit at any Biotherm counter nationwide worth RM40! Please download the voucher below, print it out and bring it to any Biotherm counter nationwide. T&C apply : Limited to one time redemption per customer. While stocks last. Although you can print this voucher from now till 31st July 2013, I would advise you to go to the Biotherm counter asap as I don’t know how many Sample Kits there are available at each counter so I can’t make any guarantees that they will be available by the time you go to the counter.

PUREFECT raya - counter redemption

The samples kit comes deluxe size, not in sachets. It consists of daily cleansing ANTI-SHINE PURIFYING CLEANSING GEL 20ML, daily toning PURIFYING TONER 30ML and daily hydration PURE SKIN EFFECT HYDRATING GEL 5ML.

Updated 20th July 2013 – Once again, many thanks to those who participated and for all your detailed comments. Hopefully, all of you have redeemed the Biotherm PUREFECT samples which are so worth the effort to collect them. These are the winners of this Giveaway:-

1. Dalina

2. Yue Rain

3. Lyn


  1. My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because I want perfect clear skin in this coming Raya holiday even though I am not celebrating but I am going for a vacation so I want to be in a tip top appearance 😉 I hate it when my make up starts to slide off just after two to three hours due to excessive sebum secretion. I hope this product can overcome this problem.

  2. My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because Raya is coming and I want my skin to look breathtaking perrrrfect… without me blotting too much under the hot Malaysia sun during vising my relatives around during Hari Raya (as we all know every year during Raya festive it’s super hot!!) and of course I want a shine free face during the lovely Raya festive… =D

    Have a nice day!

  3. My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because I have always been troubled by shiny T-zone and enlarged pores. I did notice that Biotherm has this product range but don’t have the courage to venture far from the brands that I always used, worrying that they might worsen my condition. Perhaps this is a good chance to try new things 🙂

  4. Thanks for the giveaway. My Gosh, the demonstration is really amazing!

    My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because I desperately need and wish for a soft, acne free skin, no shine at my T-zone, no visible pores at my t-zone, no dry skin and only flawless skin. I find it hard to find products that reduce my big pores at my t-zone without making my cheeks and chin area dry like the desert. It is so troublesome to keep using two different lotion, essence or moisturizer when it is so rushing in the morning because I wake up late or so lazy to apply skincare. Moreover, I have to stop my craving and love for fried chicken, ice cream or risk having acne popping out a lot on my U-zone skin =(. Isn’t there a way to have dessert without the skin turning dry like the desert and oily like the French fries I heard that this PURE.FECT SKIN will be able to target and reduce early and late-onset skin irregularities via a triple action formula. So, I want to try this > <

  5. My skin needs Biotherm’s Purefect because its range of available products consists of items which would enable me to achieve perfect skin, by cleansing, purifying, toning and hydrating my skin!

  6. My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because I would love to have beautiful hydrated skin especially during the fasting month of Ramadhan. Since most of Hari Raya main dishes are oily and will contribute to excess sebum production, this range would definitely help me achieve perfect flawless skin.

    I would be grateful if given the chance to try out the products and be able to enjoy my favourite Raya delicacies without worrying about my skin.

    Thank you for the great giveaway 🙂

  7. My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because I have combination skin with oily T-zone and dehydrated skin at the cheeks. I really need this to help me clear my face and reduce the pore size, giving me a more hydrated and balance skin.

  8. My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because my mission for Raya this year is to let my personality shining bright like a diamond instead of my face =) I had enough of not so PUREFECT moments captured last Raya and this time around, I truly wish Biotherm can come to my rescue and save me from the misery <3

  9. My skin definitely needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range to thoroughly cleanup the pollution layer, sebum layer and sweat layer down there under my skin.
    I believe that The CLEANSE-ANTI SHINE PURIFYING CLEANSING GEL may fulfill its duty of cleansing the pollution layer on my skin thoroughly without leaving dry skin on me.
    It doesn’t only stop here. The purifying toner is so attractive to me as it can remove the sebum layer at the same time eliminating excessive oil on my skin.
    Is that all? No! After cleansing, I will definitely need treatment by the PUREFECT SKIN HYDRATING GEL to remove the annoying sweat layer by absorbing sweat miraculously and tightening pores while hydrating skin! I am very looking forward to have poreless and shine-free perfect skin!^^

  10. your demonstration caught my attention! how do you come out with this idea, that is to demonstrate with blotting paper? so creative and we can really see the effectiveness of the product. I love this post 😀

    My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because, i wishing so much to have a matte skin look even though I am without make up. I hope to have a lesser oil sheen skin condition so that I can be more confident with my bare skin =] It would be so great, if I can achieve oil sheen-free skin condition and at the same time the skin hydrate level is maintained too =)

    thank you Junipers Journal for always have surprises for the readers! =]

    • Oh, I wish I could take credit for the demo but this is what is recommended by Biotherm so that we can see the difference to our skin when we use the hydrating gel.

  11. Thanks for this giveaway ^_^

    My skin needs Biotherm’s PUREFECT range because I really need help to control my oily combination skin. Due to dust, pollution and oily skin, my face will get greasy and sweaty throughout the day, no matter how many times I powder or press oil-blotting sheets against my T-zone. My face always produces too much sebum, and also often causes acne which makes my skin ugly, I also feel bad when I meet new people. I hope that I will have the opportunity to experience this Purefect range which contains a triple – action benefits to help me penetrate pores and maintain balanced, hydrated skin.