3 Reasons Why Fat Loss Isn’t Rocket Science

Image source : pixabay
Image source : pixabay
Image source : pixabay

Fat loss is one of the easiest topics to understand in the fitness world.. It really is a simple case of calories in and calories out. Now, there are laws of variables in between, but that is the basic scientifically proven model that works for virtually everyone. The thing is, many fitness companies keep telling us that you need to fill your kitchen cupboard with every supplement known to man to lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time. No, you only need to know 3 things and you’re on your way to becoming the new you. And for no extra charge, here they are.

A fat burner

Of all the supplements in the world to lose weight, you only need one type. A fat burner will do one thing that you require when working out to lose weight, without the need to workout per se. These https://steelsupplements.com/collections/fat-burner will elevate your heart rate, forcing your body to expend more energy and thus, grab more and more of your fat reserves to fuel your body. This happens when we work out and it happens when we take supplements that have caffeine and other chemicals in them that will boost our sitting heart rate. You should find out how much energy you burn just by doing everyday normal things. Add on about 100-200 calories that the fat burner will burn throughout the day and you can see how many calories in total you have burned.

Heart rate zone 4

Cardio is by far the easiest way to burn fat if you’re not at a caloric deficit. But it’s the type of cardio you do. Steady state cardio is the name of the game as it keeps you locked in heart rate zone 4. This is the fat burning zone whereby your body doesn’t require explosive energy but it’s also not just in a slow fart burning stage either. Zone 4 is where you are in the 80-90% max heart rate range. You’re not exerting yourself too much, you’re just under it. So jogging as opposed to running, endurance swimming as opposed to time trial and going for a steady bike ride up a hill instead of a sprint, etc.

Caloric deficit

It works for everyone and it should work for you. A caloric deficit is simple and easy to follow. Find out how many calories you burn in a normal day, then chop off 200-500. It really is that easy. Your body will begin to adjust after about 1-2 weeks. It will begin to stop demanding more food to fuel you, and just stick to burning the fat stores you have on your body. The key is consistency. You have to stick to the diet, no matter what. You can still eat what you want, but not how much of it you want.

Fat loss is so simple but we make it more complex than it needs to be. Just stick to these three things and you should begin to drop in jean size in 1-2 months. 

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