Voltaren Emulgel 2% Nonsteroidal And Anti-Inflammatory


dsc_8483Before I bought Voltaren Emulgel 2%, I tried a few other lotions/ointments. Progress was slow, my sprained right hand was still aching. My friend recommended Voltaren Emulgel 2%. There is also the 1% version but obviously with a sprain like mine, I needed the more potent version of Voltaren Emulgel. This is a diclofenac topical gel used to help relieve osteoarthritis pain in joints that can benefit from treatment through the skin. These joints include those in your hands and knees.

Diclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). The drug works by blocking a particular enzyme in your body. When the enzyme is blocked, your body decreases the amount of inflammatory chemicals it makes. This helps to reduce inflammation and pain.


The gel is so soft and upon application, there is a mild cooling sensation. It’s only to be applied twice a day and although the product description says it has a 12 hour effect, it doesn’t last that long for me. The area of my wrist/hand where the gel is applied is less inflamed and uncomfortable. However progress is still slow but then again I know the extent of this sprain is rather severe.
It’s RM29/30g at AA and Big Pharmacy, a lot more expensive at the other pharmacies, especially pharmacies in shopping malls. There’s a bigger size, 100g.