Strictly Ladies Only Powder Room By BookXcess @ The Gardens Mall


dsc_0656There aren’t any retail stores I can think of which cater to ladies only but since last October, there is one at The Gardens Mall. It’s Powder Room by BookXcess which is strictly for ladies. Recognising that sometimes ladies need some “me time” away from their menfolk, this bookstore offers ladies a space where they can indulge in reading in peace and quiet. The only way they can be ‘disturbed’ by their partners is through phone calls.

I visited this bookstore a few days ago and while I like the decor and ambiance, I wish there was a bit more selection when it comes to the books as there are a lot of books for kids. I had more choices when I visited BookXcess at Amcorp Mall and even that outlet wasn’t particularly big.


dsc_0658dsc_0659dsc_0661dsc_0660dsc_0662For ladies with young children, this is a good bookstore to visit but personally, I was hard pressed to find a book I would be interested in.



  1. More like for ladies with children? Interesting concept but too bad with selections. I do agree that the one in Amcorp mall isn’t that big but there are quite many choices of books.

    • Yup, I think more for mothers with young kids, not even for teens as the books like for primary school kids. Have bought quite often from their Amcorp outlet pre-pandemic. Concept is good but give me a bookstore which admits both sexes any time if it means better selection.