RMK Autumn Layering Colors : 2013 A/W Collection



For A/W 2013, RMK presents a brand new concept of combining layers, hence the name of the collection – Autumn Layering Colors. The highlight of RMK’s 2013 A/W Collection is the Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes with a velvety cream base and a powder eyeshadow, available in 5 shades. This season, eyeshadow is shaped in a square shape.

The A/W 2013 Collection is about statement eyes and how light and colour play into this. Layering 2 tonal shades infused with light enhancing glimmer pigments bring the eyes to the forefront. Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes  is a blend of 2 oils, one evaporates faster than the other. The shadows are sweat and water-resistant. The emollient oils retain oils better than previously and contain moistening properties.



01 Silver Gold, 02 Beige Gold, 03 Purple, 04 Silver Green, 05 Brown Gold

In this collection are 3 shades of Sheer Powder Cheeks. In keeping with the season, the subtle autumnal blush compliments and enhances the eye makeup. The infused polarized pearlescent particles polish one’s complexion and add a touch of purity to your look. Choose from sweet Pink, natural contouring Beige, or the Rose for a more grown up chic look.


05 Natural Pink, 06 Natural Beige, 07 Natural Rose

2 new autumnal shades have been added to the Irresistible Lips B range. Red pigments are infused in both colours, designed to blend the shade into the surrounding skin tone. Choose from the nude Coral Beige for sensual touch to the look, or the pure Coral Pink for a pretty autumnal look.

rml lips

30 Coral Beige, 31 Coral Pink

The additions to the gel like glosses – Gloss Lips range in autumnal tones of Coral Beige and Sheer Orange. Both colours can be layered on lipstick tints to enhance and seal the tints for lasting colour.

rml glos

P-11 Coral Beige, P-12 Sheer Orange

The RMK Autumn Layering Colors is interesting if only for the Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes. The collection consists of:-

RMK Irresistible Lips B RM90

RMK Nail Color EX RM65

RMK Sheer Powder Cheeks RM130

RMK Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes RM144

RMK Gloss Lips N RM78

At the media preview, Toru Kobayashi was present to demonstrate the use of the new products on a model.




I would love to pick up one of the Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes but the price is seriously prohibitive. How would you like to win a set of Gloss Lips N & a Sheer Powder Cheeks worth a total of RM208? Find out how below.

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have liked Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page.

2. Prize will be sent to those with Malaysian addresses only.

3. Please complete (a) and (b):-

(a) The one make-up product I can’t live without is………….because………………

(b) My favourite make-up brands are……………………

4. Giveaway ends on Sunday 8th September 2013.

5, Winner will be notified via Juniper’s Facebook and email. Please respond with your address within 48 hours otherwise another winner will be chosen.

Updated 10th September 2013 – Many thanks to all participants. The prize goes to Coral.


  1. a. Lipstick because in just one swipe it can complete and change the whole look, in a good way though…. 🙂
    b. Clinique
    Thank you for the giveaways…..always like surprises…..;)

  2. (a) The one make-up product I can’t live without is eyebrow pencils because a well groomed eyebrow frame the face features and gives out a lot of non verbal hint. I have very light and irregular eyebrows that is invisible on camera. Unless i am as pretty or have the perfect proportion like Mona Lisa, I don’t think i would great without my brows.

    (b) My favourite make-up brands are Mac. They have varities of lipstick colour to choose from and the colours are normally opaque. I also do have favourite in drugstore makeup =).

  3. (a) The one make-up product I can’t live without is mascara because it enhances my eyes and makes them look lusty 😉 Definitely can’t leave home without it especially when if i burned the midnight oil the night before.

    (b) My favourite make-up brand is Clinique because somehow I feel it has longer lasting power and won’t fade easily even after long hours, be it the mascara, foundation or lipgloss…

  4. (a) The one make-up product I can’t live without is orange lipstick because it makes me look ALIVE! Lipsticks are great because changing your lip color is the easiest way to morph without doing anything permanent like changing your haircut!
    (b) My favourite make-up brands are Sleek, MAC, Urban Decay, NYX, 3CE, RMK, CHANEL, Illamasqua, NARS, Lorac, Laura Mercier, Hard Candy and Make Up Forever!

  5. (a) The one make-up product I can’t live without is eyebrow powder because I have really sparse eyebrows, and I had ugly scar on my left brow from surgery. I have to brush them in everyday for them before I can leave the house >_<!

    (b) My favorite make-up brands are Maybelline, Kate, Elianto, Etude House and L'Oreal. Their products are pretty good and affordable!