Not Sure Why This Chinese Drama Is Titled Ancient Love Poetry


maxresdefaultWhen I saw the title of this new Chinese drama “Ancient Love Poetry Chinese drama”, I thought it was about poetry but it’s actually about the trials and tribulations of the gods of the Chinese ancient world. There are 3 immortal realms, i.e. the godly, demon and immortal realms. Chief of the Realms designate is a “young” girl of 10,000 years named Shang Gu. She is capricious, obstinate, naughty and carefree. She is a god who originated from chaos and is being groomed to be leader of the gods.

Poker-faced Bai Jue, one of the four true gods has been appointed to train Shang Gu. He was very reluctant as he prefers a life of solitude away from everyone. However he is cajoled into coaching Shang Gu who initially hates him. Bai Jue is nicknamed “Ice Cube” by the other gods but the goddesses are all clamouring for his attention. Bai Jue is very powerful and knowledgeable.

Over time, Shang Gu and Bai Jue develop feelings for each other. Shang Gu is the only one who is able to make Bai Jue smile. I have still got a long way to go on this drama as I have only watched 5 episodes so far and there are 49 episodes in total.