Mentholatum Melty-Cream Lip


dsc_7534There are many brands when it comes to lip balms but I think Mentholatum is the one brand that keeps introducing new lip balms. Mentholatum Melty-Cream Lip melts onto your lips from your body heat, providing moisture. The “Moist Bank technology” reacts with moisture in the air adopting technology that turns into cream, melting onto the lips coating your lips comfortably. Contains ceramide 3, ceramide 2, ceramide 6 II. It melts at body temperature, giving your lips a sense of tightness.

This lip balm has UV Protection (SPF25/PA+++). Available in unscented & honey and vanilla scents. Sounds like the ideal lip balm for applying before heading outdoors.


  1. have you tried? I’m a heavy user of lip balm but I’m sensitive towards certain lip balms which I never found out why. Probably because of some harsh chemicals in them.

    • Not yet. Some Mentholatum lip balms I tried before were ok but not long lasting enough so have to keep applying. My go to lip balm is actually Vaseline as one small tub lasts months and that keeps my lips hydrated for hours. I only need to apply twice or thrice a day at most. You’re probably allergic to some common lip balm ingredients.