Maybelline The Jewels By Color Sensational Red Garnet



Sometimes when you see the colour of a lipstick, you might be put off even wanting to swatch it. Well that’s what happened to me with this lipstick. When I received Red Garnet from Maybelline, one of the 6 shades of The Jewels by Color Sensational, I didn’t want to try it but I never forget about a product sent to me for review. These 6 shades are additions to Maybelline’s Color Sensational range of which there are 10 shades.

Weeks after I received it, I thought it was high time for the review. In the tube, it looks like a scary deep plum. How to carry off this colour but shades like this are in trend. For Fall/.Winter 2012, designers sent models down the runway in plums, amethysts and deep wines.



It’s probably true that the majority of women shy away from dark lip shades like maroon and plum unless their skin tone can carry off such rich colours. The darkest I’d go for is berry or violet which is why I love Clinique’s Violet Berry.

I had to will myself to swatch Red Garnet because I was expecting not to like it at all. My impression of the shade changed 180 degrees when I saw the colour on my skin and lips.


red4Not as dark as I expected and certainly not even 10% as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, I rather liked the saturated colour and berry shade. It’s a bit drying but not to an uncomfortable degree. It still stays on my lips after I have ingested water/beverages but re-application is necessary after a meal.

The moral of the story here? Never judge a lipstick by the colour you see. Maybelline The Jewels by Color Sensational retail at RM29.90 each.

Product was sent by PR for review.