Hope Remedies Perfect Duo To Strengthen Skin Barrier

Hope Remedies Lavender Hydrosol and Elixir Jojoba
Hope Remedies Lavender Hydrosol and Elixir Jojoba

It’s important to keep our skin barrier strong so that the rest of our body remains healthy. If the skin barrier is weakened, it can cause loss of moisture and we would feel dehydrated. I was chatting with co-founder of Hope Remedies after my facial there and I asked him which 2 products he would recommend to a first-time customer of Hope Remedies. The 2 essentials from Hope Remedies (to begin with) are their Lavender Hydrosol and Elixir Jojoba which together work to fortify our skin barrier.

Lavender Hydrosol RM129

Lavender hydrosol is perfect for those seeking a calming scent. In addition to its relaxing properties, lavender hydrosol also has healing properties that promote acne recovery. Penetrating deep into the skin to deter bacterial activity, this product is perfect for those looking for a flawless complexion.

Elixir Jojoba RM199

This all natural elixir of virgin Jojoba Oil is packed full of goodness to nourish and hydrate skin without greasy after-feel. It creates a barrier to protect against sun damage, pollutants and free radicals that causes premature ageing.

This together with Lavender Hydrosol can be used as a treatment for oily/sensitive/acne skin. Soak a cotton pad with Lavender Hydrosol, then add 2-3 drops of Elixir Jojoba to the pad and dab gently on affected areas without rubbing/massaging skin.