AEON Bandar Utama Launches Hiroshima Product Fair



AEON CO. (M) LTD. launched the Hiroshima Products Fair at AEON Bandar Utama this afternoon. The fair is a collaboration between AEON and Hiroshima prefecture government and is supported by 17 suppliers from Hiroshima. The objective of this event is to promote Japanese culture, culinary and lifestyle.

This year AEON is targeting 30% growth compared to last year. More than 100 varieties of products will be showcased at the fair including nine new brands with 37 products such as “Hiyashi Ame”, a traditional Japanese drink, “Castella”, a Japanese sponge cake and “Convenience Miso Soup”. For those who are interested in learning the fine art of sushi bento making, there will also be a culinary demonstration by AEON’s very own experienced chef.




This fair will feature food tasting sessions to give visitors a tasteful experience of the city’s delicacies such as Okonomiyaki and Oyster as well as “Haruka”, a sweet and juicy citrus. Besides Japanese food, the fair will also showcase the famous makeup brush, “Kumano-Fuda”. I felt the brushes – so soft that I was so tempted to purchase the pink brush for cleansing.

Each visitor who spends RM20 in a single receipt will stand a chance to win a lucky draw for a trip to Hiroshima. Visit the fair at AEON Bandar Utama and MidValley from now till 9th April 2014.


    • Some of the drinks were quite unusual like honey and ginger. The white thing is the brush in cleansing foam to demo how it feels on your skin. It’s a beautiful brush. Sob x 3! I want that brush.

    • Many! Take your pick, there are face & eyeshadow brushes, even sets for just RM300+ which is ok considering how much they are selling on e bay. I checked, more expensive than what is sold at this fair.