ZA Killer Volume Mascara



With a name like Killer Volume Mascara, I had serious expectations from this new mascara from ZA. It promises to give volume as well as keep lashes curled with its Curl-Keep Polymer. This is quite a short mascara and so is the applicator wand which has a unique design. It has a scoop at the end, the design helps it retain more mascara liquid.

I think that the design of the applicator suits our Asian lashes. I’ve never seen the point of having large and long applicator wands for small Asian eyes and shorter Asian lashes. The design of this brush coats mascara on to every one of my lashes, however minute they may be. It’s also relatively clump-free as it separated my lashes well enough.


Design aside, what about the effects? Well, there is definitely some volume after just a few applications and without the aid of an eyelash curler, my lashes did curl and the curl was retained throughout long hours of wear.





aft1The volume and length isn’t terribly dramatic. It’s obvious there is some added volume and length but I think it’s just an average mascara. As for its waterproof and smudge-proof claims, it did smudge on me. I had a bit of a panda look before my evening out was over.

ZA Killer Volume Mascara retails at RM34.90/9g.

Product reviewed is a press sample.