Ahalo Butter Rich Moist And Damage Repair Mask


dsc_3226Having read a few good reviews online about Ahalo Butter Rich Moist And Damage Repair Mask, I was convinced enough to splurge on a tube at Watsons. This hair mask is priced higher than the average hair mask in drugstores but then again it’s made in Japan, higher production costs? Better and more premium ingredients? I had higher expectations of the quality and effect since the price was almost RM50 for 220g.

This is a very rich and creamy mask which smells exquisite. It’s enriched with Shea and Coconut Butters, Raw Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid so when you look at such ingredients, you’d expect the result to be extremely soft, silky hair even when you have damaged hair. The scent is a combination of apple, bergamot, leafy green, rose, jasmine, lilac, musk, amber and peach. In other words, it’s a fruity-floral fragrance which smells quite incredible and unlike any hair mask I have ever used.


I applied a fair amount through every strand of hair after shampoo and wrapped my head with cling wrap covered with a towel to create some heat. I wish I had one of those salon steam machines at home but since I don’t, this is the best alternative. Throughout the 30-40 minutes the mask was on, I kept thinking the scent was simply awesome, the best scent in any hair mask, I reckon.

Washed it off and hair felt soft but having dried my hair completely, I could still feel some dry and rough patches of hair. Of course it’s better than any conditioner I have used but for a hair mask priced at RM47.07, I was a little disappointed. After all, it’s for treating severely damaged hair and I just expected much better results than this. It’s the same result as other hair masks I have been using lately which means not that much improvement to my lousy, horrible, dry and damaged hair.