When The Wardrobe Is Too Full, A Clothes Organisation Box Works


dsc_9812As far as organising clothes is concerned, I can’t say I am that good at it as I can’t find a piece of clothing sometimes. My wardrobe is full and I was thinking of getting storage boxes for the clothes draped over chairs in my bedroom. I leave those clothes outside the wardrovbe because they are the ones I wear most often. It’s just more convenient to not look for them in my overfilled wardrobe.

So I ordered two clothes organisation boxes from a seller on Shopee. There are 2 sizes in 4 designs, the smaller capacity is 66L while the bigger box is 72L. The width and length are the same but the height is different. They can be folded when not in use and have steel structures inside to reinforce strength and support.

dsc_9813It can be opened on top and in front so I don’t have to take out everything in order to get something from the bottom of the box. Thanks to this box, my room looks less messy. I think that these boxes are ideal for anyone who has filled-to-capacity wardrobes.