The Victorian Garden Travel Pack



Skin allergy sufferers aren’t the only people nowadays looking for skincare and bodycare without harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. We want to use the products with the purest ingredients possible for health reasons. The Victorian Garden products contain 99% of ingredients that are ified Organic, non-Certified Organic and Natural. They use a paraben free natural preservative system in order to keep products stable and safe and to comply with international Health and Safety standards in the manufacture of natural/organic skincare products. This ingredient is approved by Organic Certification bodies for use in Natural/Organic skincare products.

The various ingredients of The Victorian Garden products are chosen for their exceptional ability to destroy free radicals which attack the collagen in the skin resulting in loss of elasticity and the onset of wrinkles and lines. Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin A, E, B and C are powerful anti-free radical agents and many of their essential oils and herbal extracts contain these.



At Charis Naturals in Robinson’s The Gardens, you can find a whole range of The Victorian Gardens haircare and bodycare products, all of which have the most refreshing and rejuvenating herbal and botanical scents.


I’ve been using The Victorian Garden Travel Pack which consists of 4 x 50ml products:-

1. The Victorian Garden Basil and Rooibos Shampoo

2. The Victorian Garden Marula & Cape Chamomile Body Lotion

3. The Victorian Garden Rosemary and Lime Shampoo

4. The Victorian Garden Argan and Vanilla Hair Conditioner

All these products have such wonderful scents, I can’t decide whether I like the Basil and Rooibos Shampoo more than the Rosemary and Lime Shampoo, they both have an amazing combination of scents which makes washing my hair a pleasure. Perhaps because the shampoos and conditioners don’t contain harsh chemicals and natural/organic ingredients are used there isn’t much hair fall-out during the shampoo and conditioning. While my hair doesn’t feel as soft and smooth as it does when other conditioners are used, it doesn’t feel that dry either. The body lotion isn’t too thick but does take a bit of time to absorb into skin, best used right after a shower when skin is a little damp and warm.

The Victorian Garden products retail at RM70 to RM120. All available at Charis Naturals, Robinson’s The Gardens Mall, KL.

Products reviewed have been provided by Charis Naturals.