Veld’s CLEAN Makeup Remover Oil


veld-cleansingWith rooibos and marula oil, Veld’s is a nourishing cleansing oil which feels luxurious. Thoroughly cleanses skin of make-up without drying skin. Marula oil which comes from the kernal of the fruit, is particularly high in powerfully anti-oxidant and photo-protective vitamin C, making it an ideal skin-protector. Rooibos the other essential ingredient in this cleansing oil, is an extremely powerful anti free-radical agent thus protecting the cells from the primary cause of skin-aging, a process known as oxidative stress.

Veld’s CLEAN Makeup Remover Oil is recommended to be used with Veld’s CLEAN Fine Enzymatic Powder (two doses of powder to one dose of oil) for an exfoliating and resurfacing action.