Urban Decay Mariposa Palette : Not Just For Social Butterflies


There seem to be so many new eyeshadow palettes this season that I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone has a hard time deciding which one suits them best. When it comes to packaging, Urban Decay’s Mariposa (Spanish for ‘butterfly’) palette catches one’s attention with its de-bossed butterfly on a gunmetal tinted case.

There are 10 eyeshadows in this palette ranging from neutrals to bright colours. I prefer palettes with a combination of colours, it gives me options. The palette comes with Urban Decay’s cruelty-free shadow brush which is similar to the one in the Midnight Emergency palette.

When it comes to colour pay-off, Urban Decay eyeshadows are one of the best as they swatch well with just one swipe of the finger. The eyeshadows in this palette are arranged in coordinating duos so you can pretty much apply them as they are laid out in the tin, e.g. Gunmetal + Money or Skimp + Mushroom and so on.

Colours on the top row:-

1. Rockstar – deep eggplant with metallic base.

2. Gunmetal – gunmetal grey with silver glitter.

3. Skimp – pale nude with gold shimmer.

4. Infamous – shifty mauve,

5. Wreckage – shimmery dark taupe.

Colours on the bottom row :-

6. Haight – shimmering mermaid blue.

7. Money – silvery pale green.

8. Mushroom – shimmering fawn.

9. Spotlight – medium taupe with gold sparkle.

10. Limelight – bronze with gold glitter.

My favourite shade is Gunmetal as it can create a beautiful, smoky eye look and it’s simply fantastic when paired with Money. They go on as easily with fingers as with the eyeshadow brush. There’s no problem with blending and I think there are almost endless combinations with these 10 colours. I’ve used Skimp as a highlighter shade with all the combinations although Spotlight can also be a good highlighter shade.

Money & Gunmetal

Limelight + Wreckage

Haight + Gunmetal

Infamous + Rockstar

Spotlight + Mushroom

Although this palette isn’t compact enough to be tossed into any makeup pouch, it’s a good palette to bring along when  travelling as the gunmetal packaging makes it hardy enough to withstand a bit of squashing. The only additional feature it could have done with is a mirror but I guess that it was impractical to put one in because of the de-bossed butterfly.

Four of the colours (Infamous, Limelight, Spotlight and Wreckage) are brand-new and exclusive to this palette.

The eyeshadows are 0.8g each. The Mariposa Palette is priced at RM135, available exclusively at Sephora.

Note : Urban Decay Mariposa Palette was provided by PR for review.