Uniqlo Peanuts x Yu Nagaba Fleece Blanket


dsc_7600While browsing at Uniqlo Mid Valley yesterday evening (just to see what’s new), I came across their new arrival Peanuts x Yu Nagaba Collection which includes four fleece blankets. On first impression, Snoopy didn’t look like the Snoopy I knew but that’s because Uniqlo invited acclaimed Japanese illustrator, Yu Nagaba to contribute his own unique style.

dsc_7596dsc_7616dsc_7601dsc_7614These fleece blankets have 3 buttons down the front and can be worn like a poncho just like the Disney Holiday Collection fleece blankets I featured earlier. It does feel very warm and this would be a great travelling companion on long flights. However I think the designs of the Disney Holiday Collection are nicer.