Most of us strive to do a better job everyday. Promotions, pay rises and other forms of rewards such as a meal are nice but sometimes, what matters even more to boost our psyche is a gesture that all you have done is greatly appreciated but how often are we not only not rewarded for going the extra mile but also get sidelined in favour of others who don’t even have to do an iota of what we do. At that point, it all seems futile to carry on with the good work we have been doing and you wonder why you have been a nice guy all along. This poem is drafted by my good friend, The Blue Flamingo who understands perfectly what it feels like to be kicked in the gut time after time even when we have given our best effort. It is dedicated to everyone who has ever felt unappreciated at some point in their lives.

When there is no appreciation

When there is no reciprocity

The task becomes thankless

Unmindful and ungracious


When there is no gratitude

When there is no indebtedness

The entire experience becomes

Unpleasant and unrewarding


When there is no sign of thankfulness

When there is no hint of mutuality

The complete exercise becomes

Distasteful and unsatisfying


When there is no acknowledgement

When there is no recompense

The assignment becomes a mere routine

Repugnant and revolting

The Blue Flamingo

This is a work of fiction and bears no reference to actual persons, living or dead. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.