Traditional Bali Massage & Facial At Angel White Wellness


I must have walked past Angel White Wellness in Citrus Park Food Emporium, Plaza OUG hundreds of times in the past 4 years but never really noticed it until recently. The Dealmates deal for a traditional Bali msaage and facial there was timely as I’d intended on checking out the place.

My 1st appointment was for a much needed facial. The massage could come later. My skin was in need of some rescuing due to another break-out on the chin area. Must be the hormones! Angel White Wellness  is up a flight of stairs which may account for my not noticing it much earlier.

The facial began with double cleansing followed by an enzyme peeling gel applied and a steamer placed over my face. After a few minutes, the therapist massaged the enzyme peeling gel into my skin. That’s the exfoliation part of the facial.

Extraction was done painlessly and carefully, the therapist expertly flattened my acne which were getting unsightly. This was followed by eyebrow trimming (nice of them to do this as most facials I have been to don’t offer this as part of the deal).

A collagen gel was applied and the guasa board was used to gently scrape my skin, no discomfort at all. A massage cream was applied and that was the nicest part of the facial as I always like the massaging of my skin, makes me feel like my skin is getting firmed up.

Then a cool mask was applied over a gauze and the therapist massaged my shoulders with the massage cream. I enjoyed this facial quite a bit. I was asked to sign up for a facial package but these days I don’t do that any more unless the price is really right.

A week later, I made an appointment for the Bali massage. Angel White Wellness uses Bali Tangi products. Ginger oil was used for the hour long massage which was very good. The therapist is from Sumatra and has 4 years experience, 2 of those with Angel White.

When I was lying on my back, she placed a hot herbal pillow over my neck and shoulders, that was so relaxing. Then came the part I was most curious about, the ear candling. Yes, a single candle was used in this process and the therapist said that the wax that came out could be yellow, black or even red.

The process seemed a bit weird to me, to have a candle stuck in my ear but whatever, as long as it wasn’t sticking needles into my body. Thankfully, the wax that came out of the candle was yellow so I guess my ears are not that dirty?

After the session, I had my feet soaked in a herbal bath for 10 minutes for detox. I was asked to sign up for a massage package but again I declined. I’m too fickle to stick to just one place. I’ve done that before many times but I can’t commit any more.

Angel White offers many types of facials and massages, jacuzzi and spa are also available. One of the more unusual massages they offer is the “qi gong” massage, curiousity may compel me to try it out one of these days.