theSkintopic Introduces Linden Leaves : Skincare Range


theSkintopic which brought Olive and Tebe to Malaysia has recently introduced another New Zealand brand, Linden Leaves at the 2 theSkintopic outlets at Subang Parade (opened August 2012) and Pavilion (opened September 2012). Linden Leaves products consist of 3 ranges – Skincare, Bathtime and Aromatherapy Synergy. This post will focus on the skincare and I’ll bring you images and information on the other 2 ranges after this.

The Linden Leaves story began in 1995 in Christchurch, New Zealand by founder Brigit Blair who developed a strong interest in skincare formulations and ingredients while caring for two of her three children who suffered from severe eczema and skin allergies in their youth. Not able to find a quality range of products to suit the family needs, Brigit spotted a niche and began developing her own range.


The skincare range consists of 12 products and the key ingredients are botanical based which means they have very natural scents. Most of the skincare contains organic white tea which according to a study, is effective in boosting the immune function of skin cells and protecting them against the damaging effects of the sun. 

One of the star products in the skincare range is the Regenerating Elixir with Organic White Tea and Rose. This is an aid for tired skin and can be mixed with Linden Leaves Moisture Replenishing Masque as a rejuvenating and rehydrating treatment. You can mix and match any of the products with your existing skincare.

Regenerating Elixir with Organic White Tea and Rose 15ml/RM196

Moisture Replenishing Masque with Fennel and Green Tea 55ml/RM118

The Moisture Replenishing Masque can be used as an eye mask and a sleeping mask. It’s recommended to be stored in the fridge if you want a more cooling and soothing sensation. It’s a gel mask with a relaxing scent.

The other skincare are:-

  • Radiant Exfoliating Wash with Tangerine and Kowhai (contains apricot kernel granules to lift away dead skin cells) 55ml/RM118
  • Rejuvenating Dermabrasion with Organic White Tea (contains AHA derived fruit extracts) 55ml/RM196
  • Clay Cleansing Masque with Manuka and Comfrey (comfrey is for skin nutrition and cell regeneration) 55ml/RM118
  • Purifying Cleanser with Manuka and Clary Sage (dispenses foam which can be mixed with Radiant Exfoliating Wash) 55ml/RM118
  • Balancing Toner with Pohutukawa and Chamomile (spritz applicator) 60ml/RM118
  • Essential Facial Moisturiser with Calendula and Comfrey (can be added to any of the booster serums and oil for giving skin an extra lift) 50ml/RM165
  • Porcelain Brightening Serum with Organic White Tea (can be added to the Moisture Replenishing Masque) 30ml/RM216
  • Miraculous Facial Oil with Organic White Tea and Tonka Bean (can be added to the moisturiser for added hydration) 25ml/RM196
  • Eye Rescue Serum with Organic White Tea (rollerball applicator, keep in the fridge for instant eye de-puffing in the morning) 15ml/RM177
  • Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover with Organic White Tea and Eyebright (eyebright minimises puffiness and inflammation) 60ml/RM87

Eye Rescue Serum with Organic White Tea

Rejuvenating Dermabrasion

The worldwide bestsellers are the Purifying Cleanser, Essential Moisturiser and Regenerating Elixir.

Worldwide Bestsellers  – Purifying Cleanser, Essential Moisturiser and Regenerating Elixir

theSkintopic outlets are located at:-

Lot LGC01, Lower Ground Floor, Subang Parade Mall, Tel: 03-56382988

Level 5, P5.12.00, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Tel: 03-21429988

For more information, visit