Thanks To Bling Bling Paradise Pavilion For My Hello Kitty Mirror


dsc_8921Because I don’t have much artistic flair for handcrafts, I tend to stay away from such workshops. However, the appeal of having my own decorated mirror was too hard to resist. Bling Bling Paradise Pavilion was offering this workshop to media during Pavilion’s recent Tokyo Street 6th Anniversary celebrations. We could choose either a light pink or blue mirror and the colour of the base on which the decorations would be affixed.

I decided on a light pink mirror since I wanted to affix it with Hello Kitty decorations. Firstly, we have to squeeze the coloured base on to the mirror the way one would decorate cupcakes. It doesn’t have to look perfect but it does take some time to squeeze on to the entire mirror. Then you can affix the decoration any which way you desire.

Wait one day for the base to harden and the decoration won’t drop off. This is the nicest mirror I own and it’s all thanks to Bling Bling Paradise Pavilion for kindly having this interesting workshop.