Teeming With Tea : The Tea Republic

The Tea Republic

Are you someone who has to start the day off with a cup of tea? Do you drink more than a cup of tea a day? If you’re someone who loves tea more than coffee and can never seem to find that perfect blend of tea at cafes which usually offer more choices of coffee than tea, then The Tea Republic (TTR) at S132, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Complex is just the place.

The facade of The Tea Republic is inviting, just look at the multi-coloured cushions on the comfortable seating outside the shop. There’s also an alfresco balcony with ceiling fans. The ambience is cosy and intimate as you’ll get to know TTR’s friendly co-proprietor, Sumita who will be more than happy to recommend a blend to you should you find yourself unable to make a choice from the 39 varieties available now.

Entrance to TTR

With so many choices available, you’d be hard put not to find a tea to your liking, even if you are more fond of coffees than teas. Tea addicts will be jumping for joy at the numerous choices, which are described in some detail on the menu, including country of origin as well as brewing times. It’s all very educational too as you get to know the different blends.

The names of the teas are as exotic as the places they come from, there’s Sakurambo, Organic Bohea Lapsang, Jasmine Silver Needle, Jade Sword (sounds like the title of martial arts novel or movie) and Momo.

Then there are the flower blends which are a sight to behold as you see the flowers bloom right before your very eyes within the teapot. These have beautiful names like Blooming Richness, Double Good Fortune and Red Flower.

For the more conservative, there is Oolong, Darjeeling, Ceylon Earl Grey & Orange Pekoe (my favourite tea for mornings) but why stick to traditional teas when you can be adventurous here and try something you can’t find in the supermarkets? Much as I love Japanese Brown Rice Tea, I am always game to try something new which might be agreeable to my palate.

The Tea Republic imports teas from France, Italy, Germany, Japan, UK and Australia. There are stick teas from Italy which I didn’t even know existed. It was an eye opener for me and a real treat as tea is my favourite beverage. I tried the Jasmine Silver Needle, described as China’s finest white tea grown in the mountains of China’s Fujian Province.

A pot of tea dispenses 3 fairly large cups (yes, the cup is larger than your average cup at most cafes) and of course, the longer the teabag is left in the teapot, the stronger the brew but you can always remove the teabag if you aren’t partial to strong tea.

Stick Tea From Italy

Kids are not left out as mums and dads can order Cambric Tea (also known as Nursery Tea) from Cambrai, France for the little ones. There’s more milk than tea in this and even adults order it for themselves.

Feeling hungry? TTR has more than snacks and lovely desserts like Rocky Road, cookies, cakes, madeleines and cupcakes. They also serve filled croissants, nasi briyani, leek, mushroom and broccoli quiche and an ever changing variety of Asian and Western dishes.

Yummy little treats

TTR is strictly teas and that makes it the perfect hangout for tea aficionados/connoisseurs or for people who simply love and appreciate teas. Opened since December 2010, TTR is constantly expanding its range of teas.

It’s my kind of place because every blend they have is just my cup of tea.